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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ ♪ (sighs) he was robbing me blind. i flush 40 grand a year down the toilet on his stupid academy, robbie still can't play tennis. so you went into the men's shower to find the coach? yeah, i was demanding my money back.
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(shower running) hopper! coach hopper! mrs. wells, this is the men's locker room. i don't care what room this is. robbie's not getting any better; i want my money back. okay, well, tuition is nonrefundable. 40 grand; he can't even rush the net. well, it's all there in your contract. you know, the one you signed. i'm gonna get another coach who will actually teach my kid something. no coach in the world could make your son a better tennis player. he is a scam artist. so you just decided you're gonna teach him a lesson? you're gonna release a wild dog on him today? oh, please. look at me-- i don't handle wild animals. i wear them. i just wanted my son to play tennis. i don't even like tennis, mom. you know, you might want to listen to your son, ms. wells. you can go. let's go.
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hopper: come on, alex. oh, come on! come on, you can do better than this. serve that same one to him again. come on. remember what hurts today helps you win tomorrow. caine: my sentiments exactly. janice wells wanted her tuition money back. is she the only one? not by a long shot. you tell parents the truth, that their kids can't go the distance, they go ballistic. but they all know that i don't keep that money. then where does it go? to scholarship students. you know, the ones that are long on talent, short on dough. that money becomes a charitable tax write-off. it's a win-win. we need to check your records, see which parents you might've pissed off. duquesne: $80,000 tuition deposit-- jackson twins?
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simmons: 60,000 to a car dealership? coach bought a few cars for kids who couldn't afford transportation. he always makes sure everyone has an equal shot. wow, sounds like you got a lot of respect for coach. i should. i was a scholarship student for ten years. this camp raised me. hmm. simmons: austin north. didn't you find a home for him and his sister recently? i did. pine drive. that's their foster mother's address. how in the world could she afford the 40 grand? she didn't. austin's here on donations. (typing) simmons: wow! hundred thousand dollars miscellaneous expenditure? that's from ten years ago. you don't even need to look at the screen? you know which transaction we're talking about? you must know what it was for.
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i'm not at liberty to discuss it. okay, look. you're a good employee; you're very loyal to your coach. i understand that, but someone did try and kill him today. i showed you the ledgers, and if you want the backup docs, i'll have to ask coach. i'm late for an appointment. okay. a hundred grand for miscellaneous charges? i think it's time to define miscellaneous. hey, walter, i'll catch up with you at the car. okay. excuse me. oh. sorry. no. hi. i'm calleigh duquesne. i'm stacy mccann. nice to meet you. i-i'd wanted to check in and see if i could locate one of your students, austin north. oh, yes, i know austin. um, well, his age group doesn't practice until 3:00. oh, okay. well, thanks. i'll come back. is there a particular reason that you wanted to speak with austin?
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we know each other from a prior case, and he's had a tough year. i didn't want him to see us and have it bring back bad memories. that's very thoughtful. well, would you like me to call you as soon as i see him? that'd be great. here's my card. thanks, ms. mccann. thank you, ms. duquesne. nice to meet you. thank you. (inhales sharply) well, here they are-- millington's financials over the last 12 years. ah, waiting for that. let's hope they kept good records. let's see.. '99, 2000, 2001, 2002. missed one. hmm? mm.
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"mdpd" what's this? must've in been there when i picked it up. addressed to us? (papers rustling) simmons: it's a page from a deposition transcript. woman: when did he first touch you inappropriately? boy (echoing): coach hopper invited me into the locker room. and then he locked the door behind me. he said no one would believe me if i told. inappropriate touching? there's a motive. somebody wanted this kid at the top of the suspect list. yeah, but his name's redacted. whoa, whoa. check this out, sarge. it's dated february 2002. 2002. that was about the time the academy shelled out that hundred grand.
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what do you want to bet coach hopper paid to make this lawsuit go away. yeah, till now. caine: time's up, mr. hopper. that settlement was sealed and confidential. how did you get access to it? bringing all this up just tarnishes the academy. you didn't think about that before you started abusing minors? lawyer: hold on. a settlement does not mean a crime in fact was committed. look, i work with a lot of children. that puts me in the crosshairs. sometimes parents put funny ideas in their kids' heads to try and get a payday. and sometimes they don't. look, i didn't do anything, but we all know a false accusation is as damning as a real one. false or not, the boy in that deposition could be our killer. we need the boy's name. i can't. i-i can't talk about it. it's part of the agreement. caine: you know, mr. hopper, mr. hemmet gave up his life for you today.
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i think you owe him something. what happened to rossie makes me sick. he was a loyal employee and a loyal friend. where's your loyalty? you don't want to help us bring your friend's killer to justice? mr. hopper would love to cooperate. however, legally, i cannot allow him to give you the name you're looking for. we're done here. hopper: i'm sorry, officers, i-i wish i could help. what do you want to do? i want to find the boy... whatever it takes. (whistle blows) (man speaks indistinctly over p.a.) your lesson starts in five minutes.
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austin: does it have to be that family? i thought maybe... we would get to stay with you for a while. austin: brenda, look! brenda: what's she doing here? calleigh! oh, my gosh, i am so glad to see you. calleigh. you are getting so big. have you come to watch me play tennis? coach hopper said i could be a professional one day. i would love to see you play tennis. first i need to talk to brenda for just a minute. will you wait for me? yeah. did you come here to check on austin? i did. yeah, i'm concerned about him. well, i-i assure you he's in good hands. brenda, i'm sorry. it-it's not with you. um, how long has austin been coming here? since he first came to live with me, about six months. okay, i can't really give you
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any specifics, but there's somebody here that's a danger to the kids. and i think until we get to the bottom of it, it's best to keep austin away. but i can't take him now. i have to go back to work. would it be okay if i took him? (sighs) i don't know. i'm the foster mom. no, i-i understand, but it... look, i'll take him for the afternoon. you come home from work. i'll call you; i'll bring him right over, okay? okay. but just for today. okay. what's this? i'll show you. cool. (chuckles) can i try? of course, they're for you. cool. so, hey, austin, i'm gonna be over there.
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if you need me, just wave, and i'll come back, all right? all right. duquesne: have we got any headway on who who plaintiff is in the deposition? no, the county clerk isn't returning my calls, and, uh, this is a photocopy. so any kind of ink enhancement wouldn't give us the redacted names. hmm. well, there's no reason why that deposition should have been in the financial papers. somebody wanted us to find it. and in my experience, even when people are very careful with a document, they will typically touch the envelope with their bare hands. it's all yours. thanks. (buzzing) oh, yeah, got something on the clasp. (sighs) okay. ethyl alcohol, isopropanol,
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glycerin and juniper. that's hand sanitizer. i always carry a bottle with me. not the juniper type, but the other kind. lucky for us, i just met someone who's more ocd than you are. (sighs) i can't tell you his name. it just wouldn't be fair to that poor kid to be just dragged through all of that again. i understand that, but you wouldn't have sent us the deposition if you didn't want us to figure it out. well, yes, i wanted you to, but that's why i slipped it into the file boxes anonymously. all right. well, what about coach hopper? how long do you think he's been taking advantage of the students? wait a minute. wait a minute. i don't know that he has been. look, i don't know what to think, okay? there have been rumors, but i've never actually seen anything. but the attack this morning... exactly! if someone was willing to do something so horrible, i... i just want to keep these kids safe. if you give us the name of the person in the deposition,
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that is what you'll be doing. ♪ caine: you neglected to mention the settlement, andrew. give me a minute, will you? that was a long time ago. i didn't think it was relevant. it is relevant, son, because it keeps you a suspect. delko: which is the reason you didn't tell us. one of brody's rackets was used in the attack on coach hopper. you obviously have access to a bunch of them. this is a fund-raiser. look, you just don't get it. andrew, it's understandable that you'd be upset after what coach hopper did to you. please... we need you to come forward before more boys are destroyed. coach didn't do anything. i read the deposition, son. i made it up. but why? why would you lie about it, son? my parents forced me to.
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they saw the chance to cash in on coach's fortune. and you never came clean? why would i? the settlement was sealed. coach knows the truth. we just... put it behind us. caine: andrew, it's the past for you, but for other kids, it's very much a part of the present. we need you to come forward. no more hiding. sorry, but you got it wrong. if coach really did all those things, why would i still be working for him? ♪
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what is it? i have no idea. i think we need to call in some current millington students. maybe they can point us in the right direction. yeah, maybe someone saw some altercation or something. in the meantime, we do have a student here to interview. you gonna be okay with that? yeah, i'll talk to him. okay. oh, hey, that's looking good. thanks. so, austin, i want to hear about your tennis coach. coach hopper? mm-hmm. i actually like coach jack the best. jack brody? mm-hmm. you know he's been on tv? i heard that. it's pretty cool. mm-hmm. he always waits with me until brenda comes and picks me up. and he gave me this really cool cell phone.
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he did? here. see? it's so cool. wow. yeah. (tones play) what did he say to you when he gave you the phone? that i could call him anytime, and no matter what, he'd meet me. oh, don't tell brenda, okay? coach jack told me not to tell her. hey, sweetie, i need to tell brenda. do you know why? no. you should never trust an adult who asks you to keep a secret for them, okay? you didn't do anything wrong, but he shouldn't do that. i need to take this with me for a minute, but i'll be back. sure. you think jack brody is abusing boys?
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he spending all this time with austin. he bought him a cell phone. he told him to keep it a secret. i think it is possible that brody is grooming him. is austin okay? do you think he actually got to him? no, i don't. he's not showing any signs of trauma. but that still doesn't explain why somebody would try to kill hopper. maybe coach hopper knew brody's secret. and then still invited him to teach at the academy? he's a big draw. it's business. sometimes money trumps morality. maybe. you know what? let's take another look at the evidence. okay. ♪
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what is that? antemortem bite wound. i know that. inside it. you see it? right under that flap of skin. it's definitely foreign. appears to be a piece of fabric. (barking, screaming) could have been introduced by the canine's teeth. it's bright blue. (dog barking) white residue. (screaming) likely some kind of screen print. (barking, screaming) hopefully, that helps. it does. i know who our killer is.
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that's what the warrant was for? my jacket? it's a match. duquesne: jack brody, you're under arrest for the murder of ross hemmet and the attempted murder of larry hopper. maybe you shouldn't have picked a weapon that could bite back. i already told you the dog bit me when it chased me out of the showers. jack, your timeline is wrong. if the dog had bit you after, then why was your jacket in ross' wound? math only works if you were bit first; when you let the dog loose. (barking) (yells) all right, i want a lawyer. fine, you can call a lawyer, but let me tell you something. once a jury hears that you tried to kill a man because he knew you were a pedophile... wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. i'm no pedophile! then why are you giving austin gifts?! what, the cell phone? yes. look, the kid doesn't got anybody! he's got me. well, he's got me, too, and i wanted him to lean on me! i wanted him to be able to get away from... simmons: from what?
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jack? from coach hopper. that's why i would hang with austin after camp, so hopper couldn't. are you telling me that coach hopper is a threat? when i went to millington academy, there was rumors about coach. a teammate he would take special interest in would just start acting weird. reclusive. and then one night, my roommate told me that coach abused him. and i didn't believe him. but when i saw him with austin... thanks. do you really think i've got what it takes? i do. in fact, i think you should start sticking around after class,
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work on that forehand. story's exactly the same. so i approach coach. i know what you're planning to do with austin in that locker room, and i'm calling the cops. go ahead, jack. but let me tell you how it's gonna go down. i'm gonna call one of my good friends at the state attorney's office, and they're gonna have the charges dropped. then i'll go to the news. you go to them, and you tell them whatever you like. 'cause then i'm gonna go to my friend grant. you know grant. he's a board member. well, he owns a publicity firm. and he's gonna spin this and leak stories about you that'll end your tennis career. i don't care about that, coach. good. because whether you have a career or not, i'm gonna still run this place. look, this would have gone on forever. i-i had to do something. an innocent man was killed, jack. no one else was supposed to be there.
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it was an accident. i wish you'd have come to us first. (siren wailing, elevator bell dings) my guess is with all this evidence, your boyfriend over there at the asa's got a slam dunk on this case, huh? yeah, maybe. but i'm more interested in coach hopper. gotta prove that those kids are being abused. i think we should interview that andrew kingman kid. hey, buddy. (barking) geez. whoa, geez. owens: what is wrong with you? i don't know, i'm like a chew toy to these dogs. maybe it wasn't you he was after. (barking continues) it's the janitor's clothes. it's the janitor's clothes. (computer trilling) that explains it. got alpha-2u-globulin all over the janitor's vest.
11:30 pm
pheromones? (hopper screaming) owens: used to establish dominance among canines. no! provokes aggression. so ross hemmet, the janitor, was being targeted. and i bet we'd find those pheromones on hopper's towel, too. except jack said ross' death was accidental. and how would he even get ahold of the pheromones? you know what? i think i know someone who might have access to that. (siren wailing) what are you guys standing around here for? you heading home, william? the name's mason. no, it's not. it's william diaz. says so right here in the photo. so what? i changed my name. that's not a crime. killing people is a crime. now jack brody told us that his roommate had been abused by coach hopper, and we think that's you.
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wolfe: so you gave jack a vicious dog, then you faked a break-in to cover your tracks. larry hopper is a freak. i tried to forget about what he did to me. i was almost succeeding until jack came by a few days ago. i'm sorry i didn't believe about coach, all right? look, i was a kid, i didn't understand. yeah? what do you want me to say? want me to say thank you? huh? hey! too little, too late, you understand?! no, no! i'm working at the academy right now! all right? i saw him with a kid. oh, yeah? you're surprised? huh? you saw him with a kid? that's right! guys like him can't stop! get out of my face. no, we're gonna stop him. we're gonna stop him. (dogs barking) that man deserves to die. and what about ross hemmet? you and jack think he deserved to die, too? is that why you covered his clothes with pheromones?
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(spritzing) jack didn't know about that. i did that on my own. did ross abuse you, too, mason? no... but what he did was just as bad. (shower running) you're not supposed to be in here. help me. please? (water stops) we're okay here, rossie. i asked him for help, and he didn't do anything. he didn't do anything. he just stood there! you understand?
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he didn't do anything! caine: you're under arrest, mason, for the murder of ross hemmet and the attempted murder of coach hopper. i wanted to save those kids from what i went through. (handcuffs clicking) understand? i understand. yeah? i do. take him. duquesne: this makes me so mad. these guys are gonna go to prison, and the abuse they tried to stop will continue. what do we do? mason agreed to take the stand, but he's not a reliable witness. he's a felon. yeah. coach hopper will walk unless we find another victim to come forward. officer: other side. wait a minute. we know one.
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